Super Agents Imran Series Novel Pdf Download in Urdu


Super Agents Imran Series Novel Pdf Download in Urdu

Super Agents Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

On this page Imran Series of Urdu Books Library you can download and read online Super Agents Imran Series Novel PDF Download in Urdu and share it with your all interested friends who are waiting for the Super Agents Imran Series. On this website you can download the complete Imran Series all interested persons visit our Official blog website and share it with your friends via social media accounts.

About the book and Author:

Super Agents Imran Series was written by Mazhar Kaleem MA. In this novel, the author describes the secret mission of the Main character of the Imran Series Ali Imran, and his team. Ali Imran fought with enemies of the country with great effort and bravery.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a great Urdu writer and novelist. After Ibn-e-Safi and Ali Imran Mazhar Kaleem played an important role in managing the Imran Series. In her long writing career, he wrote hundreds plus stories and Urdu novels due to her unique style of writing. He got a lot of fame from their reader. We hope all interested persons like the popular Imran Series Urdu Novel 
Super Agents and share it with your friends.
Imran Series Introduction:

Imran Seris was a secret agent Urdu Novel series written by Popular Pakistan writer Ibn-e-Safi. The Imran Series first book was published in 1955 name Khaufnaak Imarat(The Terrifying Building).
Imran series written by Ibn-e-Safi consists of 120 Imran Series Books. Ibn-e-Safi was born in 1928 and died in 1980 at the age of 52 years.

Ali Imran was a central character of the Imran series and gave the series it name himself. Imran was the son of  Karam Rehman director of Central Intelligence Bureau IB.

Super Agents Imran Series Novel PDF Download in Urdu

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Super Agents Imran Series Pdf Download


Q1.Who is the founder of Imran Series?

Ans: The founder of Imran Series Pakistan Famous author Ibn-e-Safi

Q2.How many novels are there in the Imran Series?

According to the Wikipedia website 120 Books written by Ibn-e-Safi in Imran Series.

Q3.Who is writing the Imran Series now?

Ans: The current author of the Imran series was a Mazhar Kaleem publication with the Khan Brothers.

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