Tareekh e Islam Urdu Pdf Free Download by Syed Ameer Ali

Tareekh e Islam Urdu Pdf Free Download

Tareekh e Islam Full Book in Urdu PDF Free Download.

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About The Book and Author:
Tareekh e Islam was written by the most popular author, Syed Ameer Ali. In this history book, he explains the history of Islam briefly. The author discusses them in detail, focusing on the pre-Islamic conditions of Arab Muslims. He also describes the brief history of The last Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (saw), and his companion. Syed Ameer Ali also discusses the complete history of Abbasid and Ummayah and the fall of Gharnata history in one place.
He was born on April 06, 1849, and died at the age of 79 Years. Syed Ameer Ali was the most popular lawyer and became a high court judge in Calcutta. After retirement from court, he went to London and stayed permanently. He wrote many books about Islam, but two were related to history, The Spirit of Islam and History of Islam, and he got a lot of fame from their books.
Syed Ameer Ali established a political party for Muslims of India at this time when the Indian National Congress political party did not come into being. He worked hard for Indian Muslim education and introduced many educational institutions for Muslims.

Tareekh e Islam Urdu Pdf Free Download

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Tareekh e Islam Book in Urdu Pdf Download


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