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Wasif Ali Wasif Books Urdu Pdf Download

 Wasif Ali Wasif Books Urdu Pdf

On this page of the Urdu Books Library, you can download and read the Wasif Ali Wasif Books Urdu PDF online and share it with your friends who are looking for Wasif Ali Wasif Books Urdu PDF. Have you heard of Wasif Ali Wasif? If not, you’re in for a treat. This prolific Urdu writer and Sufi scholar led an inspiring life, leaving a treasure trove of wisdom in his books, essays, and poetry.

His works explore spirituality, humanity, and what it means to live a meaningful life. Despite passing in 1993, Wasif Ali Wasif’s words continue to transcend time, captivating readers and resonating deeply with them even today. You can download and read this online Wasif Ali Wasif books Urdu PDF Download in this article.

About the Author: Wasif Ali Wasif

Wasif Ali Wasif, a renowned Sufi scholar, philosopher, and writer from Pakistan, gained immense popularity in Urdu literature with his simple yet profound writing style. Born in 1932 in District Gujrat, Pakistan, he received his early education in Gujrat and Lahore. Starting his writing career at a young age, his first book, “Chiragh-e-Deed,” was published in 1960. 

He has written over fifty books on spirituality, philosophy, and mysticism. Some of his well-known works are “Muqaddas,” “Kohkan,” and “Dast-e-Saba.”

Wasif Ali Wasif believed in love, kindness, and humanity above all. His writings reflect his simple philosophy of life and convey deep messages uncomplicatedly. He emphasized living in the present moment, finding inner peace, and spreading kindness wherever you go. Some of his most famous quotes are:

  1. “If you can’t do best, at least do not harm.”
  2. “Do not lose hope, nor be sad.”
  3. “The purpose of life is to spread love.”

Wasif Ali Wasif’s books guide readers to live purposefully, develop a strong connection with the divine, and find meaning through self-reflection. His works evoke human compassion and bring people closer to their spiritual selves.

Wasif Ali Wasif Quotes in Urdu Pdf

Wasif Ali Wasif’s works focused on spirituality, humanity, love, and morality. Here are several of his most memorable quotes to inspire you:

  1. “The destination is not important; what matters is the journey.” Wasif believed life’s meaning is found in the experiences along the way, not the end goal.
  2. “Walk beside me; I may not follow you. You may not be led by me if you follow behind me. Just walk beside me & be my friend. Walk beside me; I may not follow you. You might not be led by me if you walk behind me. Just walk beside me & be my friend.” Wasif valued companionship and togetherness.
  3. “Do not lose hope, nor be sad. Days come and go; time is fleeting, and the world keeps changing. Do not distress yourself over worldly affairs; keep your heart pure.” Wasif encouraged living in the present moment with an open and kind heart.
  4. “The main purpose of knowledge is not just to acquire information but to become a better human being.” For Wasif, education and learning were means to cultivate one’s character and spirit.
  5. “Do not see at the faults of others; instead, correct your own.” Wasif believed we should focus on self-improvement rather than judging others.

Wasif Ali Wasif’s timeless wisdom and insights into human nature are a source of inspiration even today. His quotes remind us of what matters in life.

Wasif Ali Wasif Education and Early Life

Early Life and Education

He was born on 15 Jan 1929 in District Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan. His real name was Muhammad Wasif Ali. He received his early education from his village and then matriculated from Campbellpur.

After enrollment, Wasif Ali Wasif enrolled in Government College Lahore to pursue higher education. However, he left his studies incomplete due to a lack of interest in formal education. Instead, he devoted himself to reading literature, poetry, and Sufism. He was significantly influenced by the teachings of Hazrat Ali Hujwiri Data Ganj Bakhsh, Hazrat Mian Mir, and Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid.

Wasif Ali Wasif had a thirst for knowledge from an early age. He was an avid reader & spent most of his time reading books on philosophy, spirituality, and poetry. Some of his favorite authors included Allama Iqbal, Hafiz Shirazi, and Rumi. Wasif Ali Wasif was fluent in Persian, Arabic, English, and Punjabi, allowing him to study a wide range of literature.

Although Wasif Ali Wasif did not complete his formal education, the University of Punjab awarded him an honorary doctorate in Persian literature for his literary contributions. He believed that real knowledge comes from understanding oneself.

Wasif Ali Wasif Books Urdu Pdf List

He has written many inspiring books in Urdu that you can wasif ali wasif books online reading and download for free. Some of his most well-known works include:

  1. Khawabnama: This book contains Wasif Ali Wasif’s reflections on dreams and their interpretation. It provides insight into the human psyche and spiritual aspects of life.
  2. Dastan e Muhabbat is a collection of Wasif Ali Wasif’s writings on love, relationships, and human emotions. It captures the depth of human love and longing in poetic form.
  3. Mukalma: This book contains Wasif Ali Wasif’s conversations and discourses with people from all walks of life. It provides wisdom and guidance on living a purposeful life. The conversations cover topics like spirituality, human nature, and the meaning of life.
  4. Kuliyat e Wasif is a compilation of Wasif Ali’s poetry, prose, and letters. It offers a glimpse into the mind and soul of this great thinker and contains a lifetime of his reflections, insights, and teachings.
  5. Dastan e Ishq is another book focused on Wasif Ali Wasif’s views on love, passion, and relationships. It explores love at both human and spiritual levels.
  6. Tazkira e Safar is a travelogue containing Wasif Ali Wasif’s reflections on his journeys to the northern areas of Pakistan. It captures the land’s scenic beauty and its people’s simple wisdom.

Wasif Ali Wasif Books Urdu Pdf

Wasif Ali Wasif’s books are a treasure trove of wisdom, spirituality, and guidance for living a meaningful life. His poetic and reflective writing style gives readers deep insights into human nature, love, dreams, and purpose. I highly recommend downloading his books to read and re-read. Their presence inspires and nourishes the soul.

FAQ: Wasif Ali Wasif Books Urdu Pdf

Q: Where can I Wasif Ali Wasif books for free?

A: You have a few options for downloading Wasif Ali Wasif books for free:

  1. Visit websites like PDF Free Books Pk, Urdu Library, and Hamari Kahani, which offer free PDF downloads of Wasif Ali Wasif’s works. These sites contain collections of Urdu literature, including Wasif Sahib’s poetry, essays, and travelogs.
  2. Check out the Internet Archive, which has an extensive library of free books, movies, software, music, and more. Search “Wasif Ali Wasif,” and you’ll find many of his books available for download in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats.
  3. Some of Wasif Ali Wasif’s most well-known books, like Khak aur Khoon, Zavia, and Dastan-e-Mujahid, are free PDFs on PDF Free Books Pk. You can also find PDFs of his poetry collections on this site, like Kuliyat-e-Wasif Ali Wasif.
  4. Visit Pdffreebookspk.com, which features a large collection of Urdu books, including many titles by Wasif Ali Wasif that you can download for free as PDFs.
Q: What is the theme of Wasif Ali Wasif’s books?

A: Wasif Ali Wasif’s books primarily revolve around spirituality, Sufism, love, human nature, and finding meaning and purpose in life.

Q: What is Dastan e Muhabbat about?

A: Dastan e Muhabbat is a collection of Wasif Ali Wasif’s writings that explores the deeper meaning of love and human emotions.

Q: Which of his works is considered his masterpiece?

A: Many consider Kuliyat e Wasif, the compilation of Wasif Ali Wasif’s poetry, letters, and prose, this opus. The book captures a lifetime of Wasif Ali Wasif’s spiritual insights, wisdom, and creative expressions, offering readers profound guidance on traversing the soul’s inner journey


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